About Us

The Alum Bank Fire Company area is comprised of approximately a 150 square mile area of rural Bedford County in Pennsylvania. Our primary coverage area lies between the summit of the eastern front of the Appalachian Mountains and Interstate 99.

It is mostly a farming and residential area with one industrial park. We provide protection to 19- churches, 4- schools, 2-post offices, 1- bank, 5- medical care facilities, 7- restaurants, and 3- gas stations. We provide automatic mutual aide to 6 departments spanning three counties. When taking automatic aide into consideration , we respond to an area of over 1200 square miles with a population of 30,809 residents.

The Alum Bank Fire Company is an all-volunteer department with 29 members operating out of one station. It is required that all members receive training equivalent to NFPA 1001 prior to assuming an active role in this department. Such training is approved by the state of Pennsylvania and includes a 166hour entry level Fire Training Program, a Structure Burn Program, and a Hazardous Material Response Program.

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