The ABC Fire Company was formed in 1949 after a large fire destroyed a church in the area. The Bedford Fire Department was the closest company to this fire prior to the formation of our department and still serves as one of our automatic aide departments.

Our department first took up residence in the borough of Pleasantville right along route 56. The building is a stone structure that also served as a borough building. A two bay addition was placed on the end of the building to serve as the area to house the apparatus. As the department grew, more and more room was needed to house the additional apparatus. The main part of the building was opened up to park two additional units. Anytime a fundraiser or hall rental took place in the building, these vehicles had to be moved out of the building and the floor cleaned to the best of our ability.

In the early 90’s, our department felt it necessary to look for an alternative location for the department. We purchased 5 acres of ground along route 96 in West St Clair Township, just outside of Pleasantville Borough. It was decided to build our new station at this location and in 1993 took up residency. The members of our department and community have dedicated countless hours to this facility as we are constantly striving to make it functional and pleasing to the residences of this area.

In the late 1990’s, 4 additional acres were purchased and a fifth acre was donated to the department by the Barefoot family in honor of Joseph E. Barefoot. In the early 2000’s, an opportunity to purchase the remaining 20 plus acres of field adjoining our ground became available. Our department felt it was in our best interests to purchase the remainder of the field. These grounds have been a great asset to our department and to the community as a whole. Our fundraising activities as well as AYSO soccer continue to use these fields to this day.

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